How do rain barrels work?


Rain barrels are used to catch rain water. They are installed by directing one of the gutter downspouts to feed water into the barrel. When it rains the barrel fills up. You can use your rain barrel to water your garden, flowers, or lawns.

Can I hook up a hose to my rain barrel?


Yes. You can attaching a hose to the spigot at the bottom of the barrel or use it to fill up a watering can. By elevating your rain barrel on a raised platform, cinder blocks, or patio stones you are able to add natural water pressure. We would recommend you elevate the barrel one to two feet off the ground.

What happens if the barrel overflows?


When the barrel is full any additional rain water will flow out of the overflow outlet which you can connect a hose to. This will allow you to directed away from the house or to your nearest flower bed.

Do rain barrels attract bugs or mosquitoes?


Our rain barrels are bug proof! Our intake is protected by a fine filter screen which keeps out bugs and other debris.

Do I have to cut my gutters to install my rain barrel?

Rain Barrel Diverter

No. While cutting the gutter is the least expensive and simplest way to install your rain barrel, there are other options. You can order a downspout diverter kit. We recommend this one, which allows you to drill a hole in your gutter instead of cutting it: click here.

Can I drink water from my rain barrel?

Rain barrels are meant to water your plants, flowers, or garden. It is not recommended that you drink water from your rain barrel except in the case of an emergency after boiling and filtering the water.

Do rain barrels pose a risk to children?

Our rain barrels are child-proof. The barrel top cannot be opened.

What do I need to do to maintain my rain barrel?

No maintenance necessary! At the end of the fall empty your barrel and leave the spigot open so that water will not freeze in your barrel.

Do you install rain barrels?

We will consider taking on installation jobs in the Indianapolis, Indiana area. If you would like a free quote on installation please take a picture of where you would like your barrel installed and email it along with your address to Otherwise please check out the how-to videos on this page or contact a contractor in your local area.

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