Social Enterprise

Express Yourself Rain Barrels is a social enterprise of Kheprw Institute (KI). KI is a community empowerment center north of downtown Indianapolis, Indiana. We focus on developing youth and community into critical thinkers and doers in the areas of the Environment, Economy, Education, and Empowerment.


In 2011-2012 Imhotep Adisa the executive director of Kheprw Institue served as a fellow for Green For All, a national organization focused on creating economic opportunity in urban communities and communities of color through the green economy. Green For All encouraged Imhotep and KI to start a low-investment, environmentally friendly enterprise. Express Yourself Rain Barrels was born with a micro-grant from Green For All and the technology and entrepreneurial skills of KI. Since it’s beginning the enterprise has seen great growth each year as our youth team gains experience and capacity to build, market and sell rain barrels.

Empowering Youth

Kheprw Institute is a 501c3 non-profit organization. The mantra of our organization is “Community Empowerment through Self Mastery”. To us this means that we can change the world by providing opportunities for ourselves and youth to gain skills, discipline, and critical thinking. We are the home to the KI Community School and a number of Empowerment Enterprises. Empowerment Enterprises support our organization’s work, do good in the community, and empower young people. Our enterprises are KI NuMedia, Express Yourself Rain Barrels, Africhart Products, and KI Aquaponics. To learn more visit KI’s website.


Barrels with No Image

Blue Rain Barrel + Diverter